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Just a few reasons RevCent is the best:

Prevent Cancellations and Save Customers.  RevCent's tools let you modify subscriptions, and prevent cancellations.  Go WAY beyond simply pausing or re-starting deliveries.  Modify price, upgrade/downgrade products, offer discounts on renewals, set next billing date, extend or end trials, and much more.   RevCent gives you the most flexibility to rescue even the most difficult customers.

Get creative with Trial Offers.   You can let customers begin their subscription purchase with a trial.   Let it be a Free trial, or set the trial price to another amount.  For shippable products, you have the flexibility to ship products at the beginning of a trial, the end, or both.  RevCent also gives you the flexibility to extend trials or end them early.

Save Declined Transactions.   RevCent lets you set "decline salvage profiles" to re-try declined charges for different amounts, on different dates, and with different card processors if you want.  Salvaging declined transactions on your subscription renewals will boost your revenue significantly.

Payment Profiles and Cascades.   RevCent lets you manage multiple gateways and processors.  You can dictate how much sales volume goes through each one, and when.   Set limits and choose the types of transactions to run through each one.  You can also set up cascades where RevCent will automatically re-try declined transactions with different processors, for discounted amounts if you want. 

Shipping Integrations and Flexibility.   RevCent integrates with ShipWorks and ShipStation, as well as 3PL fulfillment providers.  You can even manually print packing slips and labels if you want.   RevCent empowers shippable and NON-shippable products too, like memberships or software. 

Incredible Email Notification Tools.   A slew of "triggers" to choose from like "order confirmation", "shipping notification", "declined renewal", "upcoming renewal",  and so much more.  Set the notifications to go immediately or set a number of days before or after to send the email.  Delight customers or keep employees informed.

Easy Integration.   Integrate your website with RevCent via our hosted checkout pages, the API, or our WooCommerce plugin.   Also, RevCent has many third-party services built-in already like Zappier, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ShipStation, and many, many more.

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